Welcome to Round of Applause

Before you start, please plug in wired headphones and enable your microphone access and geolocation. We recommend using Chrome as a browser.

Your claps will be detected and reproduced to all connected clappers. You can update your sound and location in the control panel.
To test your sound, clap your hands in front of your microphone!

You are ready to join the worldwide applause! No claps are generated. No claps are prerecorded. All claps are live transmitted from fellow clappers.

Clapping is the auditory equivalent of a group hug, a primordial and strangely exhilarating collective noise-making activity, which has recently brought closer together many city-dwellers in a collective hommage to healthcare systems around the world. But this time, we want to extend the participatory experience of clapping to the scale of a global community - both as an ongoing tribute to essential workers’ efforts and as a collective sound-making experiment - by allowing you to clap together with anyone in the world through your browser. This website will listen to your claps and repeat them to all online fellow clappers, providing a blank canvas for a global digital social experiment in rhythmical music making.

Marie Tricaud & Willem Kempers.
A special thanks to Arthur Carabott and our beta testers.

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